Beginning of a new wave

We are at the beginning of another wave of Covid – the third in six months. Chances are you know someone who’s got the disease.

However, scientists who have been monitoring the Covid situation closely have been predicting a rise in cases for a while now. Two new subvariants – BA.4 and BA.5 – of the Omicron variant have been increasing their share of infections for several weeks. Although there is no evidence that these new subvariants cause more severe disease, their rise to dominance suggests that they can, at least to some degree, evade existing immunity.

As well as the potential impact on hospitals, any rise in infection levels will necessarily lead to more people with long Covid (where people experience longer lasting symptoms).

The other bad news regarding this wave relates to its timing. If ever there was a period when we would hope to see sustained falls in the levels of Covid it would be now, while we all meet regularly in low-transmission outdoor environments. Sadly, this solstitial resurgence indicates that the pattern of repeated variant-driven waves is one we might expect to live with for the foreseeable future. While huge swathes of the world’s population remain unvaccinated, high levels of Covid transmission present the opportunity for new immunity-evading variants to emerge.

One could then expect travelling to be filled with dangers, especially on planes, as you are sat amongst people from all corners of the world. On the balance of probability, one of your fellow passengers is likely to have contracted Covid which means that it is also likely to make its way to you.

Due to mutation of Covid and the surge in cases, we should all be arranging for a PCR test when travelling. While it is not compulsory if your airline and final destination do not require one for fully vaccinated passengers, having a negative PCR test will provide you with peace of mind – knowing that you are not passing on the disease to any unsuspecting victims.

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