COVID Vaccine Facts and Myths

Covid vaccine facts and myths have been in place since last year. While we are seeing a resurgence of new Covid variants- the good news is that vaccines are now available. However, there are many misconceptions prevailing about vaccines. Here, let us find out about Covid vaccine facts and myths

Some misconceptions contribute to the general public’s aversion to vaccination. In this blog, we will aim to dispel some of these misconceptions. It is important that everyone receives a vaccination.

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But before we dive into understanding the misconceptions- we have a look at the Covid vaccines available across the globe.

Covid Vaccine Facts – Types of Vaccines 

The top 8 most widely distributed vaccines in 2021 are :

  • Pfizer -BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • Astra Cenza
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Sputnik V
  • Sinovac Biotech
  • Novavax
  • Covaxin

Interesting Facts About Covid-19 vaccines 

The importance of a vaccine shot has become even more important now. The Covid 19 virus has been mutating and forming new strains that are more aggressive and infectious. The best chance to safeguard oneself from this is to take a vaccine shot.

To date the following variants of the virus are known :

  • Alpha (B.1.1.7) – Prominent in the UK
  • Beta (B.1.351 ) – Prominent in South Africa
  • Gamma(P.1) – Prominent in Brazil
  • Iota (B.1.526) – Prominent in New York
  • Delta (The Double Mutant) – Prominent in India

Covid Vaccine Myths 

1. Myth: Covid 19 vaccines are made in a hassle and thus are not safe.

Fact: No national or international safety reviews or standards were violated by the businesses in vaccine development. Instead, given the global significance of the epidemic, they have spent significant resources in developing these vaccinations as soon as possible.

The Food and Drug Administration states that vaccines on the market have followed safety procedures for research and testing, and only then have they gained regulatory approval. Furthermore, knowledge from the MERS virus epidemic, which is from the same family as Covid, aided researchers in moving quickly.

2. Myth: The vaccine leads to infertility. 

Fact: These are fraudulent assertions that are widely doing rounds on social media. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives in the United Kingdom published a statement on Covid vaccinations, fertility, and pregnancy.

“We want to reassure women that there is no evidence to indicate that Covid-19 vaccinations may impact fertility,” stated Dr. Edward Morris, head of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in the letter. “Claims that Covid-19 immunization has any impact on fertility are hypothetical and unsupported by data.”

3. Myth: Once I have contracted Covid, I do not require the vaccination. 

Fact: Despite the fact that the history of Covid may result in antibodies production in the patient, research shows that these antibodies have a limited life. There is presently insufficient evidence to indicate whether or not someone receives protection against acquiring COVID-19 again after infection. This is natural immunity.

covid 19 vaccine facts

Early data indicates that natural immunity to COVID-19 may be short-lived, but further research is required to fully understand this. As a result, being vaccinated is advised for improved immunity.

4. Myth: One of the facts about the Covid vaccine is that it may cause death. 

Fact: There is no evidence to back up this claim. Although the patient may have mild to severe vaccination responses in the near term, they resolve without problems.

Fever, tiredness, headache, and aching muscles are indications that the immune system is responding to the vaccination in order to develop immunity against COVID-19. If your symptoms last more than two days, you should see your doctor and book a covid test with Seychelles medical services.

5. Myth: Once you receive vaccination, you are free of precautions. 

Fact: Although the vaccination will keep you from becoming ill, it is unclear if fully vaccinated people will be able to carry and spread the virus. If you and others around you are completely vaccinated, research indicates that you can avoid wearing a mask.

However, since not everyone has been immunized, there is still a significant risk of COVID 19 infections. Furthermore, none of the vaccinations offer 100 percent protection against the virus, so people must wear masks and take other preventive precautions such as social distancing. 

6. Myth: One of the most common covid 19 vaccine myths is that it causes negative effects in the long run 

Fact: Our own cells destroy the first vaccination components extremely rapidly – within a few days to a week. Vaccines, in general, seldom cause long-term issues. However, delayed effects of vaccination have been seen, such as with the oral polio vaccine and the yellow fever vaccine. Having said that, all of these delayed responses happened within six to eight weeks after getting a booster dosage, and the symptoms resemble a genuine infection.

Participants in the COVID vaccination phase 3 of clinical trials were examined throughout the whole eight-week post-booster period. No side effects were lingering. Natural COVID-19, on the other hand, increases the likelihood of long-term and chronic, severe illness.

7. Myth: One of the false facts about the Covid 19 vaccine for kids is that they do not require vaccination. 

Fact: It is true that youngsters have a lower mortality rate than senior citizens. However, in the second wave, many children, including newborns, were having Covid.  We want to keep them safe as quickly as possible.

facts about pfizer covid vaccine

Furthermore, we are seeing some of the effects of COVID. There is also multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MISC) in children, which causes children to become very unwell, and we are still learning about the intricacies and long-term consequences of this condition.

Then there’s evidence that youngsters are developing long-term COVID [symptoms that linger]. There are now a few vaccinations that are safe and effective in children over the age of 12, and we hope to have them shortly for younger children.

8. Myth: Another one of the myths about Covid Vaccine is that it contains chips that monitor movement. 

Fact: Microchips are not present in COVID-19 vaccinations. Vaccines are designed to protect against illness and are not given to monitoring your movements. The vaccine triggers an immune response to create antibodies in the same way that a disease will if you come in contact with it. You acquire immunity to that illness after receiving a vaccination, rather than needing to get the sickness first.

9. Myth: The Covid 19 vaccine can make me magnetic. 

Fact: Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic, even at the injection location, which is often your arm. This is the most common Covid vaccine facts and myths.COVID-19 vaccinations do not include any components that may generate an electromagnetic field at the injection site. Metals are not present in any of the COVID-19 vaccinations.

10. Myth: The vaccine provides no protection against the mutating variants. 

Fact: The delta (B.1.617.2) variation is currently the most prevalent COVID-19 variant in the United States. It is almost twice as infectious as previous versions and has the potential to cause more severe disease. While research indicates that COVID-19 vaccinations are somewhat less effective against the variations, the vaccines still seem to protect against severe COVID-19.

11. Myth: Pregnant women should not get the vaccination.

Fact: It is advised that you receive the vaccine if you are pregnant or nursing. Getting a COVID-19 vaccination may prevent you from serious COVID-19 disease. Vaccination may also help pregnant women develop antibodies that may protect their unborn children.

COVID-19 vaccinations do not result in COVID-19 viral infection, even in pregnant women or their infants. The live virus that causes COVID-19 is not present in any of the COVID-19 vaccinations.


Though numerous vaccines received Emergency Use Authorization, it does not indicate that they are not effective or dangerous in any way.

A lot of Covid vaccine facts and myths have been going around on social media with regard to the vaccination and its side effects. You should only refer to the government or medical authentic websites for knowledge about the same.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Only a tiny proportion of individuals who receive vaccination against COVID-19 will acquire COVID-19 disease. COVID-19 vaccinations are safe and effective. However, even if receive both shots, you may develop COVID-19 if you come in contact with the virus that causes it. They are what we call “vaccine breakthrough cases.”

There are no significant hazards to exercising after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Exercising may exacerbate adverse effects such as tiredness. However, there are no more hazards with exercising after getting the vaccination than there are with exercising before receiving the vaccine.

Side effects that are common The COVID-19 vaccinations, like other medications, may produce adverse effects, although not everyone experiences them. The majority of side effects are minor and should last no more than a week, such as a painful arm after the injection.

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