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We stand by our patients. seychelles medical  service offers professional assistance that promotes healthy living. Learn more about our services.

Home Healthcare

Seychelles medical services team is dedicated to caring for patients in the comfort of their own homes, hotel rooms...

Wound Care

Our skin is the significant organ of the human body that covers the body’s entire external surface...


Physiotherapy helps reestablish mobility, movement, and function when someone is...

Wellness Package

Getting enough sleep, being physically active, and eating a balanced diet are good healthy habits. Eventually, reduced...

IV Fluids & Vitamins

IV fluid therapy is an effective way to maintain the volume of fluid, electro-light balance, and higher nutrients delivered...

Lab & Pharmacy

Health problems are not a pleasant sign because they impact daily life routine badly...


Visiting different cities or countries is a great adventure and experience. Whether for a few months...

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We are here to offer you first-rate medical care whenever it is most convenient for you.

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