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Health issues are not a good sign because they negatively affect everyday life routine. The implementation of new technical developments, changing patient expectations, and tightening financial constraints in healthcare systems are getting more difficult in Seychelles as the population grows. Many people prefer to schedule doctor’s appointments online or wish to easily and affordably acquire their medications from a Seychelles 24-hour pharmacy at home. But why and how should Seychelles residents buy medications online, and where can they find the best clinical laboratory services?

Everyone wants to be tested and receive medications in their convenience because there is an increasing demand for online lab tests and pharmacy services. It is getting simpler to collect COVID-19 RT PCR test sample in Seychelles and buy medicine online. Online lab and pharmacy services today offer a wide range of advantages.

The benefits of Seychelles medical pharmacy and lab services are:


The necessary laboratory tests for different patients with various diseases and conditions are


White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets are the three basic blood cells that are examined as part of a routine complete blood count (CBC) test. This test examines haemoglobin and hematocrit, two important factors. However, abnormal blood levels of these substances could mean:

In Seychelles, it is simple to order lab services and prescription medications online. In order to confirm abnormal levels and make a diagnosis based on your results, your doctor will prescribe more testing. Different elements provide energy for our body and brain, and having the right balance in our bodies is crucial. A basic metabolic panel (BMP) typically measures the blood levels of eight substances:

According to your doctor’s and medical expert’s instructions, the BMP test may call for you to fast for at least eight hours prior to having your blood collected, depending on what the test is measuring. You can schedule a blood test appointment online and use the Seychelles Medical Service’s 24-hour pharmacy in Seychelles for any necessary drugs.


Enzymes are necessary for the body to carry out particular chemical processes. It aids in many essential bodily processes by breaking down the meals and clotting the blood throughout the body. Through the use of the Ck, Ck-MB, and troponin assays, abnormal enzyme levels can indicate a variety of diseases.

The duration of time it takes your body to clot the blood is measured by the coagulation tests. After every cut or wound, it is an essential technique that aids in stopping the bleeding. However, a vein or artery clot can be fatal since it can stop blood from getting to your heart, brain, or lungs. The test’s outcomes can differ depending on your health and any underlying diseases that may impair clotting, and they can be used to determine whether you have:

Our Pharmacy service is available in Seychelles with an extensive range of benefits, including:

If you are experiencing any particular symptoms or have a chronic ailment, it is advisable to speak with your primary physician. In accordance with your state, your doctor can schedule a physical exam and inform you of the tests you’ll need to take.

A lot of people frequently inquire what occurs if you don’t fast prior to a blood test, so keep in mind that several blood tests require it. Results from a test that calls for fasting beforehand might not be reliable. However, some tests may yield different results if it is noted that the subject is not fasting. If you do forget to eat or drink something, call your provider and find out whether or not you can be tested.


Call Doctor offers some of the most cutting-edge and comprehensive lab and online pharmacy services in the Seychelles, specifically. Patients know they can depend on our pharmacy to deliver genuine, high-quality medications right to their door. Our complete staff consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable technologists and pharmacists who are informed about the tests and medications we dispense.

Our patients receive advice from expert pharmacists and lab technicians to ensure they get the most therapeutic benefit from their medications, avoid any reactions or negative effects, and understand the side effects. Contact us right away to receive services delivered right to your home thanks to Seychelles Medical’s lab and 24-hour pharmacy.

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