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Everyone wants to be safe and receive quality medical treatment in this day and age. Air ambulance services make patient transfer more convenient and accessible when moving patients between nations, which might be difficult otherwise. Moving the patient can occasionally be crucial to a patient’s ability to receive better medical care. The added risk to the patient and the personnel as well as the costs for the relatives must also be taken into account.


Maintaining medical treatment and care continuity while travelling is the primary goal of patient transfers. However, the patient transfer could result in a number of physiological changes that would be bad for the patient’s health. A safety judgement, pre-transfer stabilisation, and preparedness are key components of a safe transfer via air ambulance.

Additionally, picking the proper mode of transfer—such as air transport—as well as the personnel, equipment, and monitoring needed throughout the transfer are crucial. Additionally, the patient’s transfer to the receiving facility or to family members requires careful attention. These important components in every patient transfer are necessary to stop unfavourable incidents that could gravely harm the patient’s prognosis.


Patients or their caregivers must know how to set up an air medical transfer because it does not occur frequently. When you call Seychelles medical air ambulance, the necessary information about the patient, their location, etc. is organised. Our patient transfer personnel can make sure the patient has a comfortable journey by using the patient’s information. These consist of:

Details of the patient’s medical condition or disease
Name and location of the patient for making travel arrangements.
Specific medical facilities needed (if any)
Details of the companion or family member who will accompany the patient in-flight
The medical staff of Call Doctor completes in-depth education in aeromedical environments and maintains expertise in their specialised disciplines. Call Doctor makes sure that each department’s response to emergencies and non-emergencies satisfies the standards established for conducting annual drills.

Before, during, and after patient transfer via air ambulance, our experienced and supportive personnel is ready around-the-clock to address any emergency or non-emergency need that may occur. Our doctors and nurses coordinate swift arrangements with the aviation medical crew to guarantee a successful patient transfer from one location or nation to another.

Because we enjoy seeing you healthy, we make sure you’re safe and comfortable.


Concerned about how to move a patient safely from one location to another? Call Doctors provides specialised and trustworthy patient transport services by air. We go above and beyond to make sure you arrive at your destination as pleasantly and safely as possible, so when you require patient transfer aid with additional care, let our amiable team of specialists take care of you.

The safe, dependable, and easily accessible service of our doctors, nurses, and medical personnel will be available to you. We are the industry’s top suppliers of stable patient transfer for both emergency and non-emergency patients, wherever they may be.

We are well aware that during the Covid-19 epidemic, patients must be safely moved from one place to another; therefore, we assure safe and efficient procedures, putting patients’ health first and delivering high-quality treatment during the transfer.

You can visit our website and call us on +248 2578 899

Yes, we offer air ambulance and international patient transfer services for emergency and non-emergency cases.

Yes, our professional nursing staff will be with you during the travel to take care of the patient.

No, we do not have any specific timing because our international patient transfer services are available 24/7.

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We are eager to offer you first-rate medical care whenever it is most convenient for you.

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