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Physiotherapy is a component of a comprehensive fitness, well-being, and health plan that relieves pain brought on by injury following an accident, disability, disease, surgery, or activity. Additionally, the focus of physiotherapy treatments is on muscle and body movement. Through repeated sessions, it also enables you to develop strength and aids in overcoming the pain. The greatest physiotherapy services in Seychelles are offered by doctor247; patients benefit from the practical sessions because they enable them to move more freely and build muscle.

Why Is Physiotherapy Needed, And How Does It Help?

Although knee discomfort, back pain, and neck strain have grown commonplace, you still want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Imagine that after doing a certain activity, your pain does not go away over time. In that situation, it is preferable to consult a physiotherapist or hire one to come to your home. For appropriate care, you can also choose our Seychelles home physiotherapy service. Physiotherapy has unquestionably shown to be successful over time in assisting patients in regaining their health and improving their strength, function, and mobility. Receiving care from a physiotherapist at home has some benefits, such as:


Rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, and muscular sprains can all result in muscle pain (RA). Through exercise regimens, sessions, and electric therapeutic procedures, physical therapy reduces pain. A powerful method for lowering pain and regaining normal bodily function is soft tissue mobilisation (STM).

The top physiotherapists in Seychelles work for Seychelles Medical. In various sessions, they assist patients with these disorders in reducing pain through practical and efficient exercise and a defined action plan. Here are a few typical signs and symptoms that physiotherapy can help with.



A science-based profession is physiotherapy. It encompasses all common lifestyles and looks after a person’s overall health and well-being. Anytime, everywhere, the skilled physiotherapists on call can help you with physical therapy. Additionally, they apply their abilities and knowledge to improve problems linked to numerous physiological systems.

Our  Licensed physical therapists in Seychelles work in a variety of healthcare settings because they are essential to the success of collaborative inter-professional teams due to their broad scope of practice.

The well-trained and skilled physiotherapists at Seychelles Medical can help patients identify postural issues and help them fix the underlying cause of the issue. Our specialists offer physiotherapy that enables patients to be more conscious of their body positions while working, as opposed to only treating chronic pain as a temporary fix. At doctor247 we counsel patients who struggle with their posture to realign their bodies by modifying their work settings or utilising assistive technologies.


When someone is affected by trauma, illness, or disability, we offer the best physiotherapy services in Seychelles to restore muscular mobility, movement, and function. In addition, our licenced physiotherapists support the health of people of all ages by helping patients manage pain and stay healthy. Additionally, the goal of our Seychelles home physiotherapy service is to promote growth and aid in recuperation, enabling people to continue working and maintaining their independence and health for as long as feasible. Contact us today and get physiotherapy services in Seychelles.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy

We produce top-notch comprehensive evaluations for newborns, toddlers, kids, teenagers, and young people. Our paediatric physical therapists are qualified professionals with extensive expertise. Children are not merely miniature adults; therefore, treatment aims to promote their best possible physical growth and functional capacity through age-appropriate activities and programmes.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Orthopedic physiotherapy

Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy

Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on treating patients who have had trauma from an accident or incident or who are undergoing planned surgery. An evaluation by a physiotherapist with expertise in orthopaedics will be beneficial for those who have had injury or disease affecting the muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons.

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