Things You Can Do To Socialise While Isolating

Isolating after having contracted Covid-19 can pose problems socially. We are locked away from other humans for days at a time and left to our own devices with little to no social interaction. Therefore, it’s important that we do our best to take care of ourselves, check in on loved ones who might find it challenging and find ways to remotely socialise to help each other through the time isolating.

Here are some ideas to help you remain connected to your network of family and friends even though you/they might be physically apart:
Schedule regular calls with friends and family like you would schedule a work meeting. There are many apps in the modern day which allow for video calls. For example, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype etc. These are particularly helpful in giving us time to see the faces of others who we may not have seen in a long while. Isolating means we are unable to see and spend time with others; video calls can be a useful substitute to interact with others, hear voices and, importantly, see faces.

⦁ Use social media to send each other ideas to pass the time. These could be podcasts to listen to, articles to read, videos to watch or even songs to listen to. This is a simple way of showing that you are still thinking of them by sending them new songs or even a binge-worthy series. Even these little things can help isolation.

Play online games using phones, apps or video game consoles. This is a simple way to speed up some time. Add a bit of competition amongst friends and family through games on your phones or consoles and suddenly an entire day of isolation will have disappeared.

⦁ Start watching TV shows or movies at the same time as your friends or family who are isolating, then at the end of the episode/film you can discuss it. You can even do this while video calling and muting your microphone until you have something to say – it’s like watching it together.

⦁ Move together: although you might not be together, you can plan to work out at the same time by doing the same exercises together.


When isolating, our social interactions with other humans fall through the floor and although isolating can be difficult, there are ways to help one another through it. It may not be the same as being physically together but it’s a start. This is a non-exhaustive list of things you could try to pass the time, either in isolation or when your friends and family are isolating. We are lucky enough to be able to have technology at our disposition – so let’s use it. But even a phone call might make someone’s day.


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