Travel Authorization Purchases

Have you booked a COVID-19 Test for your return journey home when you applied for your entry into Seychelles on the Government Travel Authorization website? It’s so easy to schedule your test! No appointments are even necessary!

Have you booked to take your test at one of our Testing Center’s?


You can choose to visit any location. No appointments are necessary!

Please make sure you bring a copy of your Passport and your Travel Authorization Purchase receipt.

We operate 24/7 by Appointment. If you need an out of hour service just email us!

Have you booked for us to come to your hotel to perform your test?

If you have purchased a Private Hotel Visit then sit back and relax because we are coming to you! Please inquire with your hotel concierge at what time SEYCHELLES MEDICAL SERVICES will be in your hotel. If they don’t know then get them to contact us. The team will come to every hotel on Mahe and Praslin.

If you are staying on the outer Islands, we advise you to ask your Hotel whether Seychelles Medical Services can be sent your Test or you should plan to stay the last night or day on Mahe to be tested.


Ask your hotel concierge what time SMS visits your hotel each day to perform Tests.

If we do not normally visit your hotel, please ask your hotel concierge to contact us by email to schedule your test for you:

Email :

Seychelles Medical Services Operate all over Seychelles!

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All Passports

You will be required to show a Seychelles NI number.

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Seychelles Passport or GOP Holder

You will be required to show a Seychelles NI number.